With joy and ease, Amy


(original post from 8/3/13)

It seems trivial but for a while I found myself searching for an email "tag line". You know, that sign off that people often have, be it "regards" or "warmly" or even the most formal "sincerely". When I was in the corporate world I often went with "best" and in my personal life I adopted "be well".  

In the world of bodyworkers you often find these to be a bit more elaborate or much more personal. I admire the people who are comfortable signing off with "love," regardless of their relationship to you, but I'm honestly just not there yet (outside of those to whom I would actually say "I love you"). One of my favorites already belongs to a friend - "all things good" - so I really don't think it would be appropriate to snitch that one! The grandest I've seen is "basking in the vast ocean of pleasantness", which began to make a whole lot more sense once I entered the world of the Trager Approach (intrigued? more about Trager to come in a future post!).

What if mine isn't catchy enough? Or what if it isn't relatable enough? "Be well" is fitting and lovely but I suppose I was hoping to find something that feels more personal. And so I tinkered. And I thought. I thought about what is it I'm trying to communicate to people with this closing. What am I hoping to send out to them from within myself? And I started to realize what I have come to experience as I've transitioned into my new career... the consistent feelings of joy and ease.  

Life is easier and more joyful now then it was a few months ago. Not because this work isn't hard sometimes but because even when it is, I am still at ease, and filled with joy.  It's scary to know that there isn't a steady paycheck coming in but still I greet each day joyfully, even the ones without a client scheduled. It can feel overwhelming to know that I am the only one responsible for what I get done as a self-employed entrepreneur, yet I can still find ease knowing that I will ultimately figure it out in the end. And on those mornings, or in those moments, when I'm not sure what I'm doing or the fester of doubt creeps in, I can remember these two words, these two feelings, and I am able to pull them out from deep within and find the ease and joy again.

Will an email signature really make a difference for the big picture? Will my friends, family and clients "get it"? Maybe, maybe not.  It seems a little silly to put so much thought into something that could be wrapped up with a simple "thank you."  But to me this email closing feels powerful. It feels representative of a new phase of my life and so I have embraced it.

This is who I am now and I'm learning to not only feel it within but to also express it wholeheartedly. To accept it. To celebrate and share it. Life can be joyful and life can be easy if we let it. Not every minute of every day, but yes, at some point each day this is the way I feel. This is what I hope to share with others, through my work and through my presence. So this is what I'm wishing you - both joy and ease in some part of each and every day. Forgive me if this seems a bit of an unconventional way to say "sincerely" but it's what I feel and for that I'm grateful.

With joy and ease,

"And I think to myself, what a wonderful world..."
- Louis Armstrong